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Monday, January 13, 2020

Riding Buddies

We were graced with amazing weather over the weekend. Our temperatures flirted with the 70s , making it feel like Spring in the middle of January. The sure-to-be brief respite from the cold was a welcome relief. My limb quickly began to feel like normal, allowing me to take full advantage of the unseasonable temperatures.

I spent a great deal of time outside, playing with the boys and working in the yard. Timmy and I rode our bikes for hours up and down our little street. Robby and I were able to steal away for a longer ride, meandering through the neighborhood for nearly an hour. It was invigorating to feel the sunshine on my face and the wind in my hair.

Robby received an electric bike for Christmas. Even at the time of purchase, I recognized that his present was probably a gift for me as much as it was for him. With Robby receiving an electric bike I was insuring countless hours with an eager riding buddy.

I adore riding bikes with both boys, but going on riding adventures with Robby is special. In all honesty, I appreciate being able to just pedal rather than constantly stopping to set a ghost trap to fight imaginary apparitions. (Timmy is still all in when it comes to Ghostbusters.) 

Unfortunately, the weather will soon turn and we will again be bundled up inside. I'm so glad that we had a small taste of spring and the adventures to come. After Christmas I tend to become depressed, and being able to play outside all weekend was exactly what I needed to right my own ship.

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