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Friday, January 10, 2020

Cold Limb

Perhaps it is a good thing that the snow has almost melted away.  A few days of running around in the cold has caused my limb to ache. Last night sleeping was difficult with my ouchy and angry leg. 

Despite the use of hand warmers in my socket to safeguard against the cold, my leg became icy during my time outside. The metal pylon that connects the foot to my socket is the perfect conduit holding and transferring chilly temperatures. Because my limb is seated on top of the pylon, it becomes cold since it is essentially on top of a giant ice pack.

It takes a long time to warm up my limb after it becomes cold, and the process is often anything than comfortable. A warm bath is often received with intense stinging as the nerve endings open up with the blood flow. When a bath doesn't work, which was the case last night, I wrap my leg with warm socks and snuggle under a heated blanket. 

The chill was finally removed in the early hours of the morning, allowing me to fall asleep for a few hours before Hamlet woke me up.  I am going to have to start wrapping the pylon before I play in the snow to try to insulate the metal. Hopefully I come up with a workable solution so that I can avoid the painful wrath of a cold limb in the future. 

Sometimes, always having to find a solution and a workaround, is frustrating.

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