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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The "Best Ever"

Prosthetic components are as various as the amputee population. When an amputee finds a prosthetic that suits his individual needs and feels comfortable, an allegiance to that device often develops. It is not uncommon to hear amputees urging other prosthetic users to try the components that they utilize because they are "the best ever."

Before I started walking on the Proprio foot I was using a Low Profile (LP) Veri-flex. I immediately started walking and, with time, had established a comfortable gait. If somebody had questioned me concerning the energy return or the responsiveness of the foot, I would have been confused. Since the LP Veri-Flex was my first foot, I had no basis of comparison. I was doing well and freely shared my positive opinion about the foot with others.

I began wearing the Proprio and immediately noted the differences. The foot was more responsive and eliminated the "mental fatigue" that I had been experiencing by walking. I no longer had to think about going up and down ramps, nor did I have to worry about catching the toe and tripping. I felt liberated.

I still love my Proprio foot, but I am also wearing a Mod III. The Proprio is not viable for high impact activities. I have discovered that, while playing outside with Robby, most activities are high impact! The Mod III provides me with a "bouncy" response that I had never before experienced with a prosthetic. I now alternate between the two legs, depending upon the activities for the day.

My experiences have been so positive with my prosthetics that I have been asked, on occasion, to represent the company at conferences and events. I am happy to share my opinions and provide feedback about my experiences, but I am always careful not to devalue other prosthetics. I respect that, just as my prosthetics have changed my life, other amputees feel just as strongly about what they are using.

Although I am thrilled with my Proprio and my Mod III, I am not adverse to trying other devices. The true value of a prosthetic cannot be understood until it is tried. Experience has taught me that many times the amputees do not realize how they are settling or what they are missing until they use a prosthetic that fills that void.

A wonderful aspect of prosthetics lies with the plethora of options that are available. What works for one amputee may not feel comfortable for another. We all have varying needs and preferences for prosthetics. Although we may feel strongly that our prosthetic is "the best ever" I think it is important to remember that the hallmarks for prosthetic needs are not identical.

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