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Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Party

Yesterday I threw myself into Halloween preparation mode. Robby has been begging to have a party and Scott and I finally acquiesced. This Saturday he is throwing what has become known as "Robby's Super Big Trick-or-Treat Costume Party."

Our house has been transformed into a pumpkin paradise. We painted paper plates orange and gave them glitter faces. Our front window has been transformed into a large smiling Jack-O-Lantern. We made 4 foot spider which is now perched on the fence post at the end of our driveway. Of course, no Halloween celebration would be complete without the giant inflatable pumpkin in the front yard.

Robby had a great time decorating the house for Halloween, but his interest waned as soon as the "fun" was done. He absconded when I began to sing the clean up song. Typical male behavior I guess!

The house is ready, and the menu has been planned. Today is dedicated to baking treats and finishing the party preparation. Robby has requested mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A and lots of cookies and candy. We tried to encourage a more balanced menu but quickly surrendered to a day of gorging on junk. After all, it's a Halloween Party!

Robby and Scott's costumes are complete. Both boys are going to be dressed as pirates. I was thrilled the concept of a pirate family. After all, I have the perfect peg-leg! Robby then threw me a curve ball when he insisted that I dress like a kitty cat.

I've tried to change his mind, but he has his heart set on me wearing a cat costume. He told me that "Kitty cats are pretty, and so is Momom. I love kitty cats and I love you." I guess you can't argue with that logic. Meow!

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