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Friday, November 18, 2011

Stay At Home Day

I declared Thursday to be a "Mommy and Robby Stay at Home Day." While keeping him home from school was not my preference, I was left with no other option. My car was at the repair shop, and our neighbors weren't able to drive him to and from school.

Initially I was frustrated with the situation, but I quickly realized that being upset was only going to ruin the day and was not going to make the car get fixed any faster. I decided to enjoy having my little guy home with me all day!

Robby and I snuggled on the couch in the morning while eating Golden Grahams and watching Ghostbusters (yes, again). After the movie, he slipped his boots over his yellow Spongebob pajamas and put on his coat to go outside to play. I was dressed only slightly more appropriately, wearing sweatpants and Scott's flannel shirt. We played in the woods, chased leaves, and spent nearly two hours "fishing" from the tree house turned Pirate ship.

During the afternoon we lit a fire, watched Christmas movies, and worked on a variety of turkey inspired crafts. His fingers were practically tie-dyed by the time we were done, but our windows are now festively decked out with a gobble of hand shaped turkeys. Working on holiday crafts by the fire while watching all three Santa Claus movies, I found myself feeling happy that my car had was in the repair shop.

I continue to be amazed at how quickly Robby is growing up. Although I didn't want my car to break down and we certainly didn't need the repair bill, I am glad that I was able to escape those worries. Robby and I had a wonderful day together. Sometimes it's a blessing to have an excuse to just stay home and play!

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