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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Number One...

Although Monday marked the beginning of Robby's second week of school, it was also my first opportunity to establish a new schedule for the family. Last week, between my preparing to travel and Robby's drama/trauma of starting school, it was simply too chaotic to even attempt a routine. In many ways, my excitement is reminiscent of the first week in January. I'm embracing new opportunities to put my dreams and goals in motion.

As my work responsibilities have increased I've been struggling to find the balance between my professional and family obligations. My desire to spend quality time with Robby has forced me to wake up before dawn in order to get my projects complete. With him being in school and freeing up six hours a day, I'm looking forward to working more normal hours.

Between working, spending time with Robby and caring for my Mom, I have become lapse about going to the gym. I've wanted to go but there never seemed to be enough time. As a result my pants have been feeling snugger and I've lost my "I feel stronger" enthusiasm. My self-esteem has taken a nose dive and the negative thought loop is beginning to play in my head.

It's easy to list the excuses for why I haven't been to the gym in three weeks. In reality, it come down to one glaring point- I haven't been making myself a priority in my life. As of Monday morning, that has changed!

I woke up early and packed my gym bag. After I dropped Robby off at school I drove directly to the gym.  I think that I have the best chance of not becoming distracted by work and meetings if I work-out first thing in the morning. I felt oddly apprehensive entering the gym, as if my absence should be the source of shame. Of course, nobody noticed and I was able to resume my work-out.

I felt fatigued but satisfied when I finished. I came home and worked for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. Despite the time I spent in the gym, my projects were done by the time I picked Robby up at school!

This school year offers new possibilities for each member of our family. As much as I yearn to keep him little, Robby will grow up significantly during the next few months. He's going to spread his wings, make new friends and have wonderful experiences. I'm going to learn to re-prioritize myself. Who knows how far I'll go when I finally give myself the time and care that I deserve!

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