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Monday, September 10, 2012

Boston Recap

The past few days in Boston have been hectic. I was working in the Ossur booth everyday, meeting new practitioners and visiting with those whom I have met so often that they now feel like old friends. The days were long and exhausting, yet I found the work wonderfully exhilarating simply because I was out of my normal routine.

Despite having spent a total of four days in Boston, I was only outside the hotel walls on two occasions- driving from and to the airport. I wish I had more of a chance to see the city and to experience the culture. I was offered numerous invitations to dinner after the booth closed, but after spending 10 hours standing all I wanted to do was take my leg off and crawl into bed!

Although I never left the confines of the hotel and conference center, I was able to meet up with a friend. Erin has been reading my blog and we have been corresponding for years, but we have never actually met. I was thrilled when she was able to leave work and spend some time walking through the exhibit hall with me. Spending time with her was a definite highlight of my trip, and I only wish we had time to grab a cupcake before she had to leave!

After working in the booth all morning, and traveling throughout the afternoon, I finally arrived home yesterday evening. I was worn out and frazzled from traveling and dealing with painful blisters on my feet, but I had an enormous smile on my face. I missed Scooter and Robby, but I thoroughly enjoyed stretching my professional wings. It's nice to be appreciated and valued for skills other than cooking, cleaning and caring for a child!

I am glad that I went on to the Boston conference, although the timing was less than ideal. Between Scooter going back to school, Robby starting full day school, and my getting ready for a conference trip, the stress in my home was palpable last week.  I'm glad that my traveling is over for awhile so that we all have time to settle into a new routine.

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