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Friday, November 09, 2012

Walking Day!!

As much as I try to forget, some dates are forever etched in my memory. The dates of my accident and my subsequent amputation are  typically spent subdued. I used to be depressed, but recently I find myself more reflective. Usually I try to acknowledge the accomplishments that I have achieved since these incidents occurred, but more often than not, I find myself fighting back tears and grieving. Although I don't dread the anniversaries with the passion I felt during the first few years, I always feel relieved when I wake up the following morning with the knowledge that the date has passed.

This weekend will mark an anniversary that I relish celebrating. With so many negative anniversaries, it is refreshing to celebrate a happy event.  This Sunday marks my 9th Walking Day.

Scott and I devised Walking Day out of our need to commemorate a life changing event. On November 11, 2003, I took my first steps (literally and figuratively) into a new life. I was scared about my future but excited about starting my new journey. In many ways, it is the day that I began living again!

There was a time, especially during the year, that I thought I would never feel joy, feel beautiful, or feel confident again. I fretted that each step would be laborious, and I mourned that I would be classically disabled for the remainder of my life. Nine years ago I donned my first prosthetic and took a leap of faith, worrying that I would fail but hoping that I would survive.

With time, patience, and practice, I have regained my mobility. I've learned  not only to accept my body but also appreciate everything that I can do. Although the journey hasn't always been easy, I have to say that I love the life that I am living. 

Unlike my myriad of other solemn anniversaries, Walking Day always makes me happy. I watch the video of my first steps and feel nothing but pride as I reminisce about my journey. I've come so far in 9 years, and I am looking forward to what the future holds!

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