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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Feeding Time

Little Timmy has hit another milestone.  In addition to being able to sit independently (with the help of his shell from the turtle costume), he is starting to eat some solid foods. Unlike Robby, who was a fabulous eater from the beginning, Timmy seems to be struggling with this new skill. While he doesn't cooperate when the spoon is coming towards his mouth, the jaw strength that he demonstrates by refusing to open his lips is impressive. 

Timmy's first eating experience was a full blown event in our house. To my surprise Robby even paused his Xbox game so that he could participate. He asked to be the first one to feed Timmy and thinking it would help fortify the brotherly bond, we agreed. 

It turns out that we were far more excited about Timmy's first spoonful than he. Oblivious to the monumental occasion, he cheerfully smiled in the bouncy seat while his big brother prepared to feed him. Actually, feed is probably not the best descriptor. Robby's vision of feeding his brother entailed simply shoving the spoon into his mouth when he cracked a smile. 

Although Timmy seemed to love his first meal of smashed bananas, the other feedings have not been nearly as successful. He has begun clamping down his lips as soon as I place him in the chair for his meal. He refuses to open his little mouth and my working the spoon between his lips only results in the food being spit out with great prejudice.  How could such a little baby spit pureed carrots 4 feet, squarely hitting the wall behind me?  He is young, but certainly stubborn and doesn't shy away from demonstrating his wishes!

After an unsuccessful and incredibly messy battle over carrots, I broke down and called the pediatrician. I knew that mealtime should not be stressful, especially at this young age. She agreed that perhaps a break is in order, allowing him a little bit more time to mature and me an opportunity to regroup. Hopefully when we resume he will be a little more receptive to the meals.  If not, I am going to need to buy a lot more bibs.

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