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Monday, September 09, 2019

I HATE Football Season

I realize that my opinion is not a popular one, but I hate football season. The strange thing is that, on occasion, I actually enjoy watching games. My ill-feelings towards the sport have nothing to do with the games but instead has everything to do with how it monopolizes our weekends.  

Scott adores football season. College or NFL, it really doesn't matter. If it is on the television or streaming on the computer, he is watching. I learned a long time ago to not interrupt him while he is watching a game. Now that he can also stream games on the computer, his weekend has become increasingly monopolized.

We are only the second week into the season and I'm already starting to feel resentful. During weekends in the fall, I feel like a single mother. Even though I'm busy with the kids, I feel very lonely over football weekends.

While Scott was busy watching football, I played outside with Timmy. Each day I logged over 20,000 steps accompanying him on explorations into the woods and through the neighborhood. I love spending time with him, but a reprieve would have been appreciated.

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