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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Spreading Kindness

Today remains somber for so many in this country. For anybody who was alive on September 11, 2001, the images and emotions remained engrained in our memories. The tragedy left an indelible scar on our psyche, leaving us to view the world through a new lense.  

For those born after 2001, the tragedy has become a mere footnote in history. The images of the planes crashing and towers falling are familiar video clips, but the emotions involved will never be fully comprehended by those who did not experience the collective emotional quagmire of fear, anxiety, anger and grief. When Robby was born, it became important for us to teach him about 9/11 without instilling fear. Kids today were born into a more fearful, terrorist prone world. Scott and I didn't want to add to the fear, but instead we wanted to provide a way to honor the memories of everybody who perished.

After much contemplation, our cookie delivery tradition was born. Every year on September 11 we visit our local firehouse with a tray of cookies. Robby, and now Timmy, present the cookies and explain that they wanted to honor all heroes because of the events of September 11.  The boys have come to love our tradition, and look forward to it every year. I know that the firehouse also enjoys receiving the cookies because they have remarked that our visit has become an annual highlight in an otherwise difficult day.  

Of all days, I hope that today we can all unite to embrace the good in humanity. I cannot and will not spend the day watching recaps of September 11, listening to commentators breakdown the timeline or hear people argue over whether or not another attack is imminent.  Instead, I want to try to spread a little joy to honor the lives that were lost. I hope that you'll join me by doing something nice for somebody else.

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