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Tuesday, November 05, 2019


After a week in Texas, my Mom is returning tonight. She has spent her week helping my brother get settled after a lengthy stay in a rehabilitation program. From getting ID to finding a place to live, he had nothing set up when he was released. 

Throughout his experience, my eyes have been opened to both the insane red tape as well as the lack of resources available to assist those who are striving to start anew. The path towards a healthy and functional lifestyle is riddled with unnecessary obstacles, obscenely long lines and a complete lack of regard for the human condition. I'm so glad that my Mom was able to travel to Texas to help him navigate through the red tape of resettling his life. If my Mom wasn't there to hold his hand and to help him sort through all of the papers and requirements, I don't think my brother would stand a chance against relapsing.

I worry about my brother on his own, but I feel more secure knowing that he has a safe apartment as well as the necessary paperwork and identification. I'm hoping for the best, but I am also a realist. Drug addiction is a beast of a disease and I realize that his chances are slim. I'm not one to give up- ever! I am choosing to believe that he is starting his life anew and that he will overcome his demons. 

This is not a great photo, but it makes my heart happy.

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