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Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Year's Eve

 I historically despise New Year's Eve. A holiday with its foundation in celebratory drinking, revelry and over-the-top parties just never appealed to me. Perhaps because I'm a homebody at heart, but New Year's Eve always made me feel lonely and guilty for being on the couch watching television with a bag of chips and a tub of onion dip. It felt as if the rest of the world was together having fun and I was alone and pathetic. Not exactly a fun way to bring in a new calendar!

This year New Year's Eve feels different. I am actually excited about the turning of the year and the prospect of starting fresh. Logically I know that the pandemic and political turmoil will be still be monopolizing our lives well into 2021. 

New Year's Eve doesn't change anything other than providing an opportunity to feel optimistic. Optimism and hope is something that has been in short supply throughout 2020. May 2021 be better for everybody! 

If you are celebrating away from your couch tonight, please wear a mask and don't drink and drive. The world is filled with so much heartbreak right now.  Stay safe!

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