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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Finishing UP

I didn't think that I would cry watching Kamala Harris take the oath of office. As soon as she placed her hand on the bible, my eyes started to swell with tears. By the time she was officially sworn in as Vice-President, I was full on ugly crying in my living room. 

As I was watching the ceremony, my mind drifted back to my 4th grade teacher. I so vividly remember him standing in front of our class when we were learning about the Executive branch of government. The conversation drifted to Ronald Reagan vs. Walter Mondale, and Geraldine Ferraro being on the ballot. I will never forget him emphatically declaring that a woman would never be elected to the Executive branch in this country. 

 It took a long time, but he was finally proven wrong. I am so excited that little girls everywhere are waking up this morning with a gender role model in the Executive branch. I look forward to the day when these elections are no longer breaking barriers or shattering glass ceilings. Slowly but surely, I think we are getting there.

Today is dedicated to finishing the semester strong. Robby has two finals to complete, and Timmy needs to complete two more worksheets and read a story through video. Both boys have been procrastinating on their final projects, but today they need to be complete. I would like to kick off the weekend tomorrow with an empty agenda.

Wish us luck, because trying to get them to finish these projects has been like pulling teeth!

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