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Friday, January 22, 2021

Return to Class!

Today is Friday and we couldn't be happier. Scott is looking forward to a weekend of watching sports and relaxing. Timmy is excited about enjoying a few days respite before the new semester begins. But Robby is probably the happiest of everybody. While everybody else is looking forward to the start of the weekend, he is ecstatic to return to his enrichment classes today.

It has been a long few weeks for my Koopa. He adores his Friday gaming classes and has missed playing and seeing his friends during the winter break. He has been counting down the days until his classes resumed. Today is the day!

Last semester Robby and his friends strategized and schemed to change the course of the Civil War during their role playing game class. All semester long Robby and his buddies worked for hours throughout the week to solidify their plans for the following Friday. When he came out of class on his final Friday of the semester, his smile was shining brighter than the Christmas trees. Much to their teacher's chagrin, the boys managed to break out of the Southern army, create their own forces and overturn both factions to establish their own government. They had managed to win the Civil War. 

Today marks the beginning of a new role playing adventure for Robby. It also marks the beginning of my driving season as I chauffeur him to and from his activities. Thankfully he is pretty good company in the car, and his enthusiasm definitely makes it worth my effort.

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