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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Warmer Weather

The weather is warming and the ice is beginning to melt. Yesterday Timmy and I were both becoming antsy so, despite the mud and muck that has become our yard due to the quick ice melt, we put on our jackets and went outside to play. I took three steps onto the grass and slipped, forcing me to remain on the blacktop and sidewalk for the rest of our adventure. Because slipping is something that compromises my stability and safety. I don't mess around with ice or with slick mud.

To my surprise, Timmy stayed clear of the mud. He spent the afternoon playing on the logs and chipping away at the ice packs on the driveway. Although he wasn't terribly adventurous, he did seem content and happy to be outside. Our long range forecasts all point towards a warming trend, so I think our winter storms are behind us. Spring days are coming!

We have spent the past few weeks preparing for Scott's return to the classroom. He received his first vaccination with the second scheduled for next Monday. His school board met last night to vote on the return to the classroom and all signs pointed to the transition happening within the next two weeks.

I was shocked when the Board voted to delay the return for middle and high school students. It looks like Scott will spend the entire school year teaching from our basement. So much for the return to normal.


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