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Friday, February 26, 2021

Musical Chairs

 For the past few weeks, Timmy and I have been hosting nightly dance parties. Our "parties" consist of blasting a playlist in the kitchen while we twirl, jump and twist in the kitchen. He has a great time, and I discovered that the activity burns a ton of calories. Since we have started dancing, I have stopped walking on the treadmill (which I didn't enjoy). From my perspective, dance parties are a win-win situation. He relishes in the activity and the attention while I get the benefits of a strong calorie burn.

Lately he has begun to wear rollerskates to the Dance Party, which always reminds me of my afternoons at the skating rink when I was his age. Now he likes me to pull him around the kitchen and living room train style, while we groove to the music. Talk about exhausting! 

Thankfully the train stops when the game songs stream. (After all, it is hard to play Musical Chairs and the Floor is Lava when you are a train car.) Hamlet becomes absolutely giddy when the Freeze Song, the Floor is Lava or Musical Chairs pops onto the playlist. These songs are exhausting on a different level, but seeing the joy on his face makes every sweat droplet worth it. 

Unfortunately, yesterday our Musical Chairs game became a tad too competitive. Timmy and I were racing to the chair when I turned the wrong way. I pulled a muscle in my back, and I've been limping since last night. 

Not to brag, but I think I may have sustained the world's first stay-at-home musical chairs injury. Getting old stinks!

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