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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Too Quickly

Yesterday morning Robby woke up, took one look out the window at the dreary weather, and asked if he could go to school.  What a change from past summers where he would duck and hide each time we drove past the school building. I was delighted that he wanted to go because it is certainly another confirmation that we made the right decision when we switched schools. From a purely selfish perspective, the prospect of a mommy break (although I love him dearly) delighted me. 

With Robby tucked away at school with his friends, I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep. Timmy has greatly improved since we switched bottles, but he wakes up frequently. I hear claims of babies sleeping for four hours at a stretch, and even through the night. I've come to believe that those tales are simply urban legends!  Robby didn't sleep through the night until he was nine months old, and judging from our current schedule, I don't expect Timmy to surpass his brother.

His favorite sleeping position continues to be in my arms, and although it becomes draining at times, I don't really mind. I highly doubt that he will be crawling into my arms willingly in a few years. I have to practically bribe Robby for the privilege of rocking him. I'm exhausted and my arms become sore, but I love holding and rocking my little Timmy.

I know that it sounds cliche, but I have come to accept that children really do grow up quickly. I am still licking my wounds over the fact that Robby no longer loves baking cookies with me. We used to spend hours in the kitchen, whipping up a variety of treats. Now he quickly cracks the eggs, asks for me to save some batter and leaves the room, leaving me to bake alone.  I miss my little baking assistant! 

Robby spent a few hours at school, and according to all accounts he had a great time playing with his friends. He was quick to point out that school was a lot of fun because they didn't do any learning. (The academic portion is shut down for summer so that the facility can enroll for summer camps.) "Momom. I had so much fun. Sometimes learning and work really gets in the way of having fun with my friends."  If he only knew how right he is with that observation!

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