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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Home Alone

The house is eerily quiet without Timmy and Scott. In some ways being alone with Robby is oddly reassuring. I suppose it reminds me of all the years it was just the two of us during the day, playing and learning together. Please don't get me wrong; I still miss Timmy terribly and I can't wait until he comes home. But in the meantime while I'm healing, I am going to try to enjoy rekindling the special bond I have with Robby.

Contrary to Scott's predictions, Robby has not wallowed away the time playing XBox and watching gaming videos on YouTube. Instead, we have been playing UNO and other quiet games. He has crafted and performed little plays, utilizing his turtle collection as both props and characters. We have spent hours just talking, sometimes about a specific topic but many times just sharing ideas and random thoughts. I have been reminded of his humor, compassion and ambitions during our quiet afternoons together.

Robby wants to change the world, starting with my prosthetics. Remembering the difficulties I have climbing up the narrow stairs for the water slides, he has carefully sketched what he perceives to be the perfect leg.  I have no doubt that his walk/run/climb/swim leg will revolutionize the industry!

After solving my prosthetic woes, he plans on becoming an archaeologist, gold miner and ice cream store owner. Rest assured, he has not abandoned his aspirations to make his own moonshine. He plans on taking up the craft as a hobby as soon as he is allowed to use the tools to build his own still. 

In a few short days he will be back in school, and Timmy will become my afternoon buddy. Although I hate that I am recovering from surgery, I am beginning to feel thankful for these quiet hours with Robby. He is growing up so quickly. I need to remember to continue to carve out quiet time, not necessarily for an adventure, but just to talk and hang out. If there is a silver lining behind my surgical summer, it is most certainly the quiet time spent together.

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