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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Report Card

I am an extremely proud Momom! Robby received his report card and, although he was apprehensive, it was fantastic. He received A's in everything with the exception of Writing, where he earned a B. Just as important as the academic marks, he received praise for being compassionate, cooperative, a good listener and a strong leader. I could not be prouder of my little Koopa.

Robby was initially upset about his B, viewing anything less than an A as a failure. After reminding him numerous times that B does not equal bad, he began to relax (although I could tell he was continuing to perseverate). Still trying to rationalize his B, he came to the conclusion that writing is a "stupid" task.  He explained his anti-writing theory.  "Momom, when we write in schools we have to use pencils. Do you know what pencils are made out of?  Wood! (Pause for dramatic effect.)  Wood comes from trees, and in order to make the stupid little pencils for kids they have to kill a tree. I love trees, don't you? Why do you want me to kill trees?  That's why I prefer using the keyboard. No trees die when I use a keyboard." 

While I appreciate the effort he put forth in devising his handwriting excuse, I didn't want him to feel as if a B required justification. It is a good grade, and he should still be proud of earning it. So I told him that I am so proud of all of his grades, including the B, and that the most important thing is that he tried and behaved in school. He seemed pleased with my response, and I could see the pride begin to waft over his face.  I knew that he was over the disappointing B when he asked for my phone so that he could call his grandparents.

It ironic that his B was not in handwriting, which Robby assumed, but rather in Creative Writing. Obviously the child can spin a story!

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