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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Starchy Mess

Yesterday morning I woke up with a headache. I was hopeful that a cup of coffee would knock it out, but it wasn't successful and the dull ache remained throughout the day. I was in survival mode just trying to keep up with my extremely curious Timmy. Why do babies always seem to become more adventurous when their parent isn't feeling well?  I swear it were as if he knew that I was vulnerable, and he was determined to take full advantage of the opportunity to explore.

By explore I don't mean look around; I am referring to his putting absolutely everything into his mouth. Actually, I mean everything except new foods. Hamlet loves to chew on bits of wood, lint and dirty socks he managed to pull out from the abyss under the couch, but he turns into a sobbing mess when I try to feed him a noodle.  Maybe I should start dribbling the noodles on the floor so that he finds them appetizing?

Last night, perhaps out of pure exhaustion, I decided to encourage Timmy to feed himself. I thought that he might be more apt to eat the new food (baked potato) if he was in control. While he did seem to enjoy the potato, I don't think much actually made it to his mouth. 
Only after he had thoroughly smeared the food over his face, his head and his hair did I realize that I had forgotten to put a bib on him first. I also remembered that he is only 9 months old and cannot yet be trusted with a spoon.  He was a silly starchy mess by the time we were finished with dinner.  But he was also happy, and seeing his gummy little smile gave me the energy I needed to survive the clearly necessary bath time. 

So Timmy wasn't successful with the spoon, but we're going to modify and keep trying. I think from now on I will feed him before we sit down for dinner. While we're eating he can "practice" with his spoon. This way he is happy and I know that he has gotten at least something in his tummy.  Of course, I still have to figure out a way to dull the allure of the floor buffet. 

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