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Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

It is safe to say that everybody was disappointed when we received a call Saturday morning announcing the cancellation of the Diaper Derby. A surprise winter storm materialized, dumping nearly 10 inches of snow in its wake. Looking out the window, I knew that the decision to cancel was correct, but that didn't diffuse our disappointment.

Coach Robby had spent hours "training" Timmy to crawl down the hallway, finally had deemed him competition ready. Instead of a Diaper Derby winner, I now have an extremely quick little baby who has gained both skill and speed in his quest to explore. I haven't fully abandoned my Diaper Derby ambitions, but I'm not optimistic that I'll be able to find another one before he begins walking. 

So instead of going to the Diaper Derby, Saturday was spent playing in the snow.  Robby's friend came over and the two friends sledded, threw snowballs, and made a snow angel field.  (Incidentally, the Nerf SnowBall Blasters that Nana gave him work like a charm and are highly recommended by my little Koopa!) Timmy even managed to get in some snow fun when Robby and Rowan pulled him around the yard in his little sled. I think he enjoyed sledding, but I suspect he was more excited about being included in the activity.  Hamlet lights up whenever Robby plays with him, and I suspect that this adoration is only going to intensify.

My Sunday was spent tinkering around the house and digging out.  Scott was ecstatic with the return of racing, and nearly 15 years together has taught me not to  bother him during the Daytona 500.  I decided that my day of errands and home improvement projects would have to wait so that he could watch in peace. Instead I spent the race trying to entertain the boys so that Scott could watch his race without interruption. 

Today Robby has a delay, but I expect that school should return to normal this week. It was nice having them home, but they need to get back into the flow of the work week.  Well, maybe they don't need it as much as I do!

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