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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I remember a college professor remarking that 95% of all health problems are held by 5% of the population. I was astounded by that distribution. Being young, I shrugged off the statistic with a "stinks to be in the 5%" youthful attitude. Never did I think that his statistic would become my reality.

I have developed sores on my stump.  They are moderately painful, and so far it has not become infected. I'm extremely vigilant about skin health because I have witnessed (through my friends) how quickly a small blister can spin out of control.  I've tried to curtail my walking, although explaining to my little Hamlet that I can't play outside has been futile. Given my circumstances, I have been doing my best. 

My gait has definitely been compromised because of the sores. My adjusted gait has been an awkward strain on my back muscles. My back was sore when I went to bed last night, but I was hopeful that relaxing would help.  I lathered my stump with antibiotic ointment and settled in for the night. 

I tried to get out of bed to get Timmy when he wailed out my 4 AM wake-up call. Instantly I knew that I had a problem. I was frozen by pain, radiating from the center of my lower back through both legs and up my torso. I could feel the waves of spasm waft over my body, rendering me both helpless and in utter agony.  The only way I can come close to describing the pain would be to liken the experience to full body labor.

With each torturous movement, I was finally able to stand. I slowly bent to put on my leg and a spasm overtook me. I knew that I needed to lie flat to stretch the muscles, but I couldn't move. After what felt like hours but was probably only a few minutes, I couldn't handle the pain and I was desperate to lie down. I felt captive by my own body.

I fainted. It definitely wasn't the  most advantageous way of reaching my goal of lying flat, but it certainly worked. Perhaps it was my body's way of helping me move.  Although fainting scared me, I was grateful to be lying down where I could I could stretch my muscles.

My back continued to spasm for the next hour, but the intensity and frequency lessened. I was finally able to stand and walk, albeit gingerly and with deliberate movements. I hate getting old. I hate being part of the 5%.

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