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Friday, October 16, 2015

Magic Class

Robby's teacher's son is an amateur magician who occasionally entertains the class with his tricks. His performances have made quite an impression on my little Koopa, who recounts every detail after each visit. After reading a school essay where Robby expressed an interest in learning magic, I knew that I wanted to develop this hobby.

The stars seemed to align with my little guy learning magic. I managed to find the only magic class for children in the area, and it started this week. Hopeful but expecting the class was already full, I called immediately to check on availability. I grabbed the last open space in the class, causing Robby to squeal with delight upon hearing the news.

Yesterday was Robby's first magic class. Although nervous, I could also tell that he was excited. He chatted nonstop as we drove to the community center, peppering me with memories of previous magic shows and asking me what he was going to learn. I loved seeing him so eager to learn a new skill.

While Robby was in magic class, I was upstairs trying to wrangle Timmy. He was busy exploring (which is a nicer way than saying running away from me at every opportunity.) At one point he slipped my hand and took off at full sprint towards a room filled with music. He was busy dancing with the hip hop class by the time I managed to catch up.  This weekend we will be picking up a child safety harness (aka leash).

My little magician finally emerged from the classroom twenty minutes after the scheduled end. He had been talking with the teacher, who patiently fielded his eager student's questions and stories. When I asked him what he learned, I was promptly informed that he couldn't share because of the "magician's promise."

I peeked in on him late last night and found him sleeping with a deck of cards. He apparently fell asleep practicing his new trick. I know he only had one lesson, but I think magic class was a hit!

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