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Monday, October 12, 2015

Too Much Research

Scooter spent the majority of the weekend in bed, convalescing from his oral surgery. Although he is still achy and swollen, the deep pain has waned. He is returning to work today, but I worry about his readiness. I tried to encourage him to stay home for another day, but he is determined.  I know that he won't cause any damage by going to work, but I hate knowing that he is going to be in pain.  Because he is trying to return to work, his pain will be addressed with ibuprofen instead of the narcotics that he has been relying upon over the weekend.  I'm hoping that his body is ready to make the transition.

I worry about his pain management, but I think that returning to a routine may be helpful. I was hoping that having successfully completed the surgery would have ended his surgical anxiety. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Only now instead of worrying about the upcoming procedure, he has switched his focus to examining and researching every nuance of the recovery. He is constantly searching forums and websites, grasping onto every tidbit and nugget of information about what might happen during the healing process. My efforts have switched from trying to reassure him that everything will be okay to promising him that everything is okay. I hate seeing him so apprehensive, I wish that there was something I could do to make him believe that he will be okay.

While Scott was resting, I did my best to entertain the boys. Thankfully the weather cooperated, providing two sun filled and crisp days for us to enjoy. Timmy was content running around the yard chasing leaves while Robby worked furiously cracking hickory nuts. We now have a bucket of cracked hickory nuts drying in anticipation of making hickory nut cookies for Mr. Bill. Any guesses about this weeks baking project?

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