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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Farm Fun

 Well, I shattered my promise to take it easy. After a trip to see Elliot for a socket adjustment, I left feeling optimistic that my skin issues were a thing of the past. The rubbing was gone and although my leg was still tender from the existing sores, the cream that Elliot provided made walking considerably more comfortable. Although I probably should have delayed our adventure, the weather was so beautiful that I wanted to soak up every moment.  I sprung Robby a little early from school and we headed out to enjoy the day.

I spent the afternoon playing with the boys at Great Country Farms, a sprawling agriculture themed playground (with the benefit of being a true working farm.) Since joining their CSA (community supported agriculture) program, we have been going to the farm every Wednesday. We pick up our allotted veggies and head into the field to pick whatever is in season, and then we spend some time playing and exploring. Yesterday was our last CSA pick up, and I have to admit that we are sad to see the season end. Adding a weekly farm adventure into our schedule has been enjoyed by all of us.

Timmy and Robby spent almost three hours playing around the farm yesterday, jumping and running. Well, Robby was walking and Timmy was sprinting at full speed trying to keep up with his big brother. It was truly an adorable site! After about an hour my leg started to throb, but watching my boys play and hearing them laugh, I wasn't about to let my leg discomfort end our adventure prematurely. I decided to follow my little farmer's lead about when we would head home. Turns out we closed down the farm.

My leg is sore today, but my boys went to bed exhausted and smiling. The cream Elliot gave me definitely helped to thwart any other damage, so thankfully our outdoor adventure didn't cause any further damage. Hopefully my leg is on the mend, and I can soon put all of these issues behind me.

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