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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hair Adventures

Feeling either ambitious or a glutton for punishment, yesterday I decided to get my hair cut. Since my hairstylist opened a small salon in her basement and eager to establish her business, she invited Timmy to come along with me. I thought that her idea of allowing me to bring my toddler, saving me the hassle of securing daycare, was a stroke of brilliance. A parent-friendly salon would be the perfect solution for so many work-from-home moms.

Entering her basement with a squirmy Hamlet in tow, I realized that I misunderstood her invitation. She was not relaying that her business was child friendly but more that she was willing to tolerate him during the appointment. From sparkling glass coffee tables with carefully arranged magazines to expensive throw rugs strewn through the sparsely furnished room, this was definitely not a kid-friendly environment. With the exception of the puny toy I grabbed from the car as I unlatched him, there was nothing productive for my mischievous little toddler to do. 

I immediately sensed that this appointment was going to be anything but relaxing. I tried to reschedule for a time when I had care for Timmy, but she was rather insistent that we proceed with the appointment. I reluctantly sat in the chair and allowed her foil and brush on dye. While I was being "pampered," Timmy was knocking over every magazine, dancing in circles and throwing a Nutrigrain bar across the room. Not exactly  my most proud moment!

After the dye was applied, I was freed from the chair, allowing me to (attempt to) play and entertain Timmy. Needless to say, it is exhausting keeping an 18 month old busy without the benefit of toys. I was compelled to purchase only 2 bottles of shampoo (due to him gnawing on the caps while my hair was being rinsed), so I will consider my efforts a success.

I emerged from the basement two hours later, my hair newly cut and colored but soaking wet. (I didn't want to risk the time needed to dry and style, so I decided to forgo that luxury.) Maybe someday I'll be able to enjoy relaxing and being pampered during a hair appointment, but in the meantime I'll remember to bring more toys to the next one.

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