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Monday, November 16, 2015

Personal Justification

I realize that the personal nature of my blogs last week may have made some readers uncomfortable. My decision to write about such an intimate and personal topic was not taken lightly. Believe it or not, there are some details of my life that I keep private! 

I decided to write about the multi-tissue prolapse including the examination by the doctor because I was feeling alone and scared. Much like the times I tried to research my amputation, I found no first-hand accounts from those who had experienced this situation or the surgery. I decided to come forward about my condition in the hope of minimizing the isolation I was feeling. I am also optimistic that my relaying my experiences will help another woman in the future from feeling the embarrassment that the examination and diagnosis evoked in me.

Since the prolapsed blogs published, I have been flooded with emails and messages of support. I have heard from women across the country who have been living with the same diagnosis. Because of the intimate nature of the organs involved, I've learned that prolapse is discussed in hushed tones and often confided to few outside the immediate family circle.

I began this blog so that I no longer felt alone and with the hopes of helping others feel connected. I apologize for the embarrassment that my blogs last week may have caused, but the reward of starting a dialog about this difficult topic makes my coming public worthwhile. I assure you that this will not become a "prolapse" blog, but since this is now part of my reality, I will probably refer to it occasionally. I will try to refrain from being graphic, but will not hide this diagnosis in the shadows anymore.

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