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Monday, February 05, 2018

New Computer

We had a laid back, time to rest and recovery weekend. The weather was dreary and cold, allowing me to stay inside without feeling guilty.  Saturday was the first day that our entire family has been fever free since the New Year, so we didn't want to risk our newfound health by venturing outside. Timmy alternated between riding his balance bike and his train through the house while Robby chilled out playing video games with friends online.  

I spent the majority of my weekend setting up my new computer. I wasn't delighted having to buy a new computer, but the estimates for replacing the broken screen all started at $500. It seemed silly to spend that kind of money to repair a machine when I could purchase a new, albeit slightly less posh, model for far less. After evaluating my computing needs and keeping my budget in the forefront of my mind, I settled on an appropriate little HP laptop. It isn't as nice as my other laptop, but for right now it suits my needs.  

With the kids recovered from the flu and my computing abilities restored, my mood has begun to shift. I felt myself spiraling into a depression, primarily due to the stresses and worries about the kids being so sick. It will be nice to rediscover my normal this week and to pull myself out of the sad abyss. I need to interact with people again and reenter the world beyond my little house.  Hopefully our newly acquired good health will continue so Timmy and I can start enjoying some of our favorite play activities again. 

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