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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Socket Woes

With my primary socket being repaired in San Francisco, I've been relegated to using my back-up. Although it fits, it is not nearly as comfortable as the one that broke. Of course, the comfortable one broke and my conventional has never failed, so I suppose there is always a trade-off.  

The comfort from adjustment comes with the risk of failure, which can be both scary and dangerous. I don't like falling!  I don't know how I will be able to overcome my insecurities and fully develop socket trust after the tumble. I miss the comfort though, so I'm going to give it another try when it is returned.

My back-up socket is comprised of only carbon fiber. While the design is rigid and unyielding, it is nearly indestructible. I have never worried about the socket breaking and failing, but its constant use has created a number of skin issues in the past. Since I am relying on it every day, I find that I am more aware of my prosthesis because of the cramping and discomfort that arises when I walk longer distances.  

My limb aches more in the evening, which I know is attributed to the socket. But I realize that I am still able to walk and keep up with Timmy's activities, so I am fortunate. At least I have a prosthesis to use! Too many amputees in this country are still struggling to come up with the funds to buy their first device so that they can experience ambulation again.  

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