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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Bad Boo Boo Day

My little Hamlet was so excited to spend the day with his big cousins.  We opted to go bowling followed by a quest to get another stamp on the ice cream trail. Even though our adventure's weren't overtly physical or difficult, somehow Timmy suffered a series of accidents throughout the day which  led to his adventure being dubbed "Timmy's Big Boo Boo Day."

Excited for the day with his cousins, Timmy drew a picture on the sidewalk to start the day. He wore the chalk to the nub and ended up rubbing his knuckles across the cement sidewalk. Poor little guy tore up the skin on the knuckles of his right hand. I put on a few band-aids and corralled the kids to go bowling. 

After selecting a bowling ball and changing into his shoes, Timmy promptly slipped and fell on his face. His face tumble resulted in bleeding gash on the bottom of his chin. Although he calmed down and continued to bowl, he spent the rest of the activity worrying about his band-aid and his blood.  

At the ice cream place he jumped off the last step, slipped and skinned his knee.  By this point I wanted to just put him in a bubble for the rest of the day. With all of the band-aids, he was starting to resemble a prize fighter who had lost the match.

Unfortunately his bad boo boo luck continued into the evening. When trying to break a pinata (a surprise from his Aunt Sheri) Timmy became overly excited and managed to wack himself in the head with the bat. We didn't need a band-aid this time, but it did result in a large purple goose egg bruise in the center of his forehead.  

Poor kiddo.  This morning he is bruised, scraped and looks like he has survived the zombie apocalypse. Hopefully he will have a calmer, less injury riddled day today. 

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