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Thursday, August 08, 2019

Tree House World

We had a fantastic time at Tree House World. There is little doubt that the sprawling activity laden forest now ranks as one of my favorite kid activities. There was something for everybody to do, and many times the cousins (Timmy included) were able to participate together.  

From hatchet throwing and archery to tree climbing and exploring, everybody was busy from the moment we arrived. Timmy was particularly enthusiastic about tree climbing, inching higher and higher with each attempt. He is both physically strong and determined, traits which I'm sure will be beneficial as he continues to grow up.  

I chose to not participate in tree climbing. I didn't abstain because I couldn't do it, rather I really didn't want to climb. I don't like climbing and I no longer feel the need to participate to prove that I can do something. I was content cheering on all of the kids and acting as the official family photographer. I didn't climb trees, but I thoroughly enjoyed hatchet throwing and exploring the tree houses.  

Unfortunately storms rolled into the area in the late afternoon, forcing us to abandon our adventure earlier than anticipated. We were bummed to leave because everybody was having so much fun. I have no doubt that we will return!


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