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Thursday, June 02, 2011


This week I have dedicated myself to scrubbing my house. Yes, it needed to be done, but that was not my motivation for working so hard (although it probably should have been). An Ossur sponsored film crew is coming to my house on Saturday to make a video featuring Robby and me. I certainly don't want my dirty house preserved forever on film!

Tuesday I worked all morning in my dining room and living room. Eight bags of trash and 5 hours later, the two rooms were finally clean and organized. Robby begrudgingly agreed to refrain from using glitter and paint until after Saturday, a deal which cost me only a large bottle of bubbles and an ice cream cone. I hope that he is always this easy to bribe!

In the afternoon Robby and I took to the front yard for a rousing water gun battle. (He won.) We then played in the sprinkler, blew bubbles and played with the hose until Scott came came. We were both soaked but happy. Robby was still full of energy, but I was exhausted!

Yesterday I focused my energy on our bedrooms. Sophie, my cat, is getting older and isn't doing well. She has been vomiting more frequently, creating ugly orange stains all over our light beige carpet. It took me two hours with a quasi-functional carpet cleaner, but most of the stains have been removed!

Feeling motivated and experiencing an unexplainable burst of energy, I decided to move the broken treadmill out of my bedroom. Moving the large-- and heavy-- piece of equipment by myself was not my wisest decision! I twisted my knee and my stump went into a charlie horse cramp that stopped me in my tracks. Robby and I were forced to shimmy past the treadmill in the hallway for the remainder of the day until Scott came home from work and took it downstairs. I really need to remember that I'm a middle-aged one-legged woman before I decide to play moving man!

Last night as I was massaging my leg and icing my knee, it occurred to me that it really doesn't matter how clean my house looks in the video if I can't walk! I am taking a sick leg day. I'm hoping Robby will be happy watching Scooby-Doo and playing with Charlie, because this Momom is out on cleaning injured reserve!

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  1. Your house sounds very much like ours. It has been a real challenge to keep things "picked up" for house showings...it's not our natural state. See Pat's blog...Penguin Droppings for some of the gory details....and rest up!