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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Happy Election Day!

Happy Election Day!

This election cycle has been especially repugnant, and I'm delighted to see it finally come to a conclusion. A few weeks ago I reached my negativity saturation point, prompting me to become proactive. I started unfollowing everybody who posted vitriol memes, distasteful or nasty posts/ comments and blatant political lies. Regardless of party affiliation, if a post violated one of my parameters, the offender has been unfollowed. Since that time I have been forced to unfollow so many "friends" on Facebook that my wall is sparse with new updates.

After today, I'm looking forward to returning to a civil social discourse. Of course whoever wins today, 50% of the population will consider themselves the vindicated victors while the other 50% will begin expounding rhetoric blasting the President-elect. I just want to return to the world of simple status updates, sharing funny cat cartoons and swapping recipes. Much to my chagrin, I'm fairly certain that the social experience has been forever changed. 

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