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Monday, November 07, 2016

Sentenced to Hard Labor

Robby Rotten came out in force over the weekend. Despite numerous warnings, stern lectures and forced reflection, he continued his snarky and disrespectful behaviors. I was left with no other options but to abandon our weekend plans, drive home and sentence him to hard labor outside.

Scott and I are in agreement that we need to act both swiftly and strongly to make an impression on our little pre-teen. He was most displeased when we repossessed his Xbox controllers and handed him a rake. He was sentenced to working outside until the sun set. After numerous pleas for mercy, each one becoming more desperate, he finally relented. Five hours later he came inside, tired but lacking the snarky arrogance that was previously oozing from each pore.

Today after school he will continue to serve his sentence, finishing our work outside. Once everything is done in the yard he can come inside, where he can begin vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms. He really shouldn't complain. With all electronics banned for the week, in a way I am showing mercy by helping him fill his empty hours.

I really don't enjoy being a disciplinarian, but I accept the role because I don't want to raise a little hellion. I much prefer the role of fun Momom, always planning adventures and orchestrating special treats. Being the disciplinarian is not a role I relish, but I am committed to correcting his behavior. Hopefully coming down swiftly will leave a lasting impression.

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