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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

In Our House- Love will ALWAYS Conquer Hate

I am not sure how I am going to explain the results of the election to Robby when he wakes up. He is old enough to comprehend the erratic and undignified antics of our President-elect throughout this election cycle. Robby knows that bullying, degrading and intimidating people is wrong, yet last night the poster child for these antics was elected to the highest office in our country.

From mimicking an individual with disabilities to the fear mongering of other ethnic and religious groups, we do not condone the behaviors that have been demonstrated. I can only hope that he will settle down and veil himself in the dignity of the office he is about to assume. At this time, I do not want my boys to use our President-elect as a role model.

I made this last night as the results started to filter in throughout the country. Each link features a different random act of kindness. Every day we will open a link and follow through with the challenge. We will little sparks of compassion and love throughout our community, hoping to ignite a fire of acceptance and inclusivity.

In our house, nobody will be excluded or mocked because of disability or accents.

In our house, we will never tolerate bullying.

In our house, we always pay our debts.

In our house, we welcome those who need a fresh start.

In our house, we never turn away somebody in need.

In our house, cultural diversity is celebrated and never feared.

In our house, we seek knowledge not sound bites.

In our house, we do not manipulate and scheme to avoid paying our share of taxes.

In our house, we aspire to be better than those whom we just elected.

In our house, we work to make a difference everyday because we know that real change always starts with grassroots.

In our house, love will always conquer hate.

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