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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Museum Mayhem.

Sigh.  Yesterday was not my best. I woke up optimistic and excited about chaperoning Robby's class field trip.  I went to bed feeling like a deflated failure. The hours between I contended with a tantrum prone, sleep deprived, overstimulated, angry two year old.  If I had known that I was going to be waging war with my toddler I would have worn more battle worthy clothing to the museum. Wearing uncomfortable pants and a scratchy (yet unstained) shirt only added to my frustrations.

Robby loves going to the Air and Space Museum and was eager to share his favorite exhibits with his classmates. I had planned on meandering through the complex with Timmy while Robby was engaged with the class tour. Unfortunately, Timmy had plans of his own and was determined and undeterred.

While I thought that Timmy would enjoy looking at the planes, he was hell bent on boarding them. Whenever possible he tried to crawl over or wiggle under the barricades. He viewed the barriers as obstacles which only added to the challenge of reaching his final destination. I spent the first twenty minutes of our museum experience prying his tight little fingers off of the metal dividers as he frantically tried to penetrate the blockade.

Many of the planes at the museum have endured through air combat and flying through treacherous conditions. Fearful that they would meet their demise at the hands of my naughty little Timmy, I decided to take him away from the exhibits.  He disagreed with that decision and opted instead to participate in a one person protest. He lay prone on the museum floor and screamed.

I tried to pick him up only to be countered by a toddler plank maneuver. I managed to carry my stiff, red faced little tyrant to an isolated corner of the museum where he continued his protest. It took him awhile, but he finally realized that his efforts were not going to be rewarded. He stopped screaming but continued to resist my efforts to keep him from crossing the barriers. 

In retrospect, I think that Timmy's desire to interact with the displays was based on experience.  He has been to several "you touch" museums in the recent months. After being encouraged to physically interact with the exhibits at other museums, it must have been quite frustrating to have his efforts thwarted.  Unfortunately attempts at engaging in a logical explanation with a two-year-old is fruitless, so we are going to avoid traditional museums for the time being. I'm sure that our fellow museum loving patrons will thank us for staying home.

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