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Thursday, November 17, 2016

My New Foot

I have been waiting to write about my new foot until I was able to put it through its paces. I've been an amputee long enough to recognize that I always love a new foot for the first day or two. It is after it is worn consistently that I really develop a feel (and an appreciation or aversion) to the device. I wanted to make sure that my first impression was lasting before I took to my blog.

After wearing my new Pro-Flex with Pivot foot for a few weeks, I continue to be impressed by the device. I am as excited about walking with this foot today as I was three weeks ago when I took my first steps with it. From the smooth roll-over to the swing pick up of the toe, this is by far the most normal feeling foot that I have ever worn.

Keeping up with Timmy is not an easy feat. My little Hamlet is adventurous, quick and into everything. I am constantly running after him, pulling him off of obstacles and physically redirecting him to other (usually safer) activity choices. I was struggling to keep up with him while wearing my other foot. While it was fine for walking and some activity, I never felt confident chasing after him on uneven terrain. I feel much more comfortable knowing that I can run after him, maneuver through environmental obstacles and turn quickly when necessary. As soon as he learns how to talk I'm sure that Timmy will be voicing his displeasure to Ossur for making a foot that allows his Mom to catch him. 

I wore my Pro-Flex when I was taking the Taekwondo class with Robby. I was able not only to keep up with the class but I also managed to impress my not-easily-impressed ten year old.  Lately he is quick to criticize just about everything I do, but even he gave me kudos for completing the class without slacking.

I have always leaned towards function over fashion, but the fact that my new foot comes with a black spectra sock is like the icing rose on a cupcake. (The spectra sock is the sock between the carbon fiber foot and the plastic foot shell.) The black just looks sleeker, it blends in with the ankle components and doesn't show dirt. (Trust me, Timmy and I get into a lot of dirt!)

The wonderful thing about prosthetics is the variety on the market. What works for one individual may not feel comfortable or natural for another. It is all about choices and options. For me, I'm delighted with my Pro-Flex and I feel like a kid at Christmas with a new toy.

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