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Friday, November 18, 2016

Ready to Hibernate

It's the middle of November and so far we have been lucky with mild temperatures. This weekend our luck is supposed to change as more seasonal temperatures are expected to roll into the area. The dropping thermometer means it is time to pull out the flannel sheets and light up the wood stove. I know I will feel differently in February, but right now I'm excited about the colder weather.

In addition to digging out sweaters and cuddly pajamas, it is time to organize my tube sock collection. When it is frigid outside, I can be found by the fireplace with a slipper on my foot and a tube sock on my limb. If I don't keep my limb covered, it becomes cold to the point of being painful. Keeping it covered with a large tube sock helps, but when it is extremely cold I have to pull out the hand warmers.

I now buy hand warmers by the case and use them liberally during the winter. I found that throwing one in the bottom of my socket will keep my limb warm and cozy throughout the day. At night I'll activate another hand warmer and put it between two layers of socks on my limb. It is important to note that I never put the hand warmer directly on my skin. Instead, my limb is always buffered by either my liner or a tube sock.

Yesterday Amazon delivered another case of hand warmers, so I am officially ready for winter. Bring on the snow days, the crisp air and the cold and quiet nights. I'm ready to hibernate for awhile.

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  1. I thought I was the only one who'd figured out the hand warmer thing! I'm a forearm amputee and use them - instead of a tube sock, I had read somewhere to find baby leg warmers which works well (search on Etsy).

  2. Great post, also share with us few tips about how to avoid illness in winters?