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Monday, November 14, 2016

Water Park Fun

After an emotionally wrought election week, we were delighted to pack our bags and head out of town for a few days. This time we headed into the mountains to check out what has been named one of the top ten water parks in America.  Robby was delighted with our getaway and, although Timmy was too young to realize that where we were going, he seemed to feed off the excitement as we packed to leave. 

Timmy may not have understood where we were heading, but he certainly reacted strongly when he saw the water park for the first time. He jumped up and down, clapped his hands and frantically started saying yes as he pointed to the park through the glass enclosure. We could hardly keep him still enough to slip on his life vest when we entered the park.

Robby loved the big slides, the faster the spins and larger the drops the better. Before Friday I have never been on a water slide that resembled a roller coaster. It turns out that it is entirely possible to become motion sick on a water slide. Of course the inertia twisting slides were Robby's favorite. (On another note, body cork screw slides are not advisable for women. I felt like I had given birth to a water balloon when I finally managed to climb out of the pool.)

Because Robby is only ten, he was supposed to be accompanied by an adult at all times. Of course somebody needed to be with Timmy, who is an ambitious yet inexperienced water bug. The boys have vastly different swimming and physical abilities, which meant that Scott and I needed to go into divide and conquer mode for the weekend.

I spent most of the time with Robby while Scott played with Timmy on the pint sized structures. We saw each other for passing through the sprinklers and slides in the water park, and in the evening before we collapsed from exhaustion.  Thankfully neither of us viewed our getaway as romantic, so we weren't disappointed.

This weekend was about being with the kids and just having fun. Scott and I were able to disconnect enough to forget about the stresses of our jobs which was liberating! Playing in the water, we entered a political void where we just splashed and laughed. Simply put, our weekend was fantastic and just what we needed to recover from the blows of the past few weeks.

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