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Friday, July 28, 2017

Turtle Trek.

All good things come to an end, and that includes our family vacation. Today we are packing up and heading home, leaving the beach that has entranced Robby and Scott since our arrival. I know that they will be sad to leave, but I am ready to go home. Don't get me wrong, I've had a good time. Nothing compares to bearing witness to your children's happiness and unbridled enthusiasm. I have loved watching them both play, learn and have fun over the past few days but I am ready to return to our summer reality at home.

Because of the age difference, Robby and Timmy have few activities in common. Our little family was split for the majority of the vacation, reuniting only for meals and to sleep. Robby and Scott headed towards the ocean, the turtles and the fish while Timmy and I frolicked in the pool and played in the playroom.  I should have been more realistic when I envisioned our vacation. The boys have little in common at home, I'm not sure why I thought that they would play together while we were away. The seven year age difference makes a huge impact on the activities that each child enjoys. I know that it won't always be as glaring, but right now they have little more than lineage in common.

Last night Scott and Robby headed out on the highly anticipated turtle trek. I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was jealous of their experience. I planned the entire vacation around the turtle trek, knowing that Robby would adore watching them hatch and crawl towards the ocean. Throughout my planning I envisioned us going on the excursion together. It wasn't until I read the FAQs for the event that I realized I may not be the best suited chaperone. Walking up to five miles, in the dark through loose sand would be difficult. I  probably could have done it if I had to, but I also realized that I would have suffered the physical consequences for many days. We decided it was best if Scott went with him,

Sometimes being an amputee stinks, and last night was one of those occasions. I sat in the hotel room with Timmy, receiving reports from Robby on the trek.  I was thrilled that he was able to experience his dream coming true, yet the selfish part of me was angry that I wasn't there to bear witness.

The sadness quickly lifted when I as I recognized the pure excitement and delight in Robby's voice. He was living out his dream, and he thought to call and share it with me. I found myself nearly as giddy as him with each phone call reporting on the status of "our" nest. When he called to inform me that he saw and helped 36 turtle hatchlings to the ocean we were both in tears. 

Because turtle hatchlings go towards light, cameras were banned. I understand that a special camera was at the hatching, and a video will be uploaded onto the Turtle Trek webpage.  I'll link when it is live, so that everybody can see "our" nest. 

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