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Thursday, July 27, 2017

My little pirate

Have I mentioned how much I abhor sand? No matter how many different ways I try to flush out my foot shell, I continue to snap, crackle and pop with each step. Each time I enter the pool I leave trails of tiny crushed shells in my path. I have come to the conclusion that I might be stowing enough sand in my foot to replenish Timmy's sandbox.

Despite my sandy frustrations, we have been having a great vacation.  Yesterday afternoon Timmy and I embarked on a piratical adventure. We had planned for Scott and Robby to come as well, but the scullywags bailed on us at the last minute. I should have made them walk the plank!

I was frustrated that I had paid for two tickets that were going to go unused when I saw a Mom with a five year old girl. The little girl was awestruck looking at the pirate boat. I could tell that she wanted to board and take part in the excitement. I also recognized the look on the Mom's face. She wasn't going to be able to pay for the pair to go on the adventure. I know that feeling, and it is horrible. Without thinking I walked over and explained that I was left with two extra tickets, with the buccaneer upgrade, that were nonrefundable. Rather than have them to go waste, I would love for her and her daughter to use them. The little girl squealed, which led to Timmy clapping with delight.  The Mom gave me a huge hug and whispered "thank you so much" as we embraced. The ticket agent, who witnessed the entire exchange, comped my parking. Scott and Robby may have missed our adventure, but I have no doubt that their tickets were enjoyed more by our new friends.

It was just Timmy and I, but we had a great time on the pirate boat. He thoroughly enjoyed wearing his new bandana and brandishing his little buccaneer sword. The water canons were a lot of fun until a rogue pirate accidentally shot him in the face. After the unfortunate waterboarding Timmy was content to sit by my side and wave to everybody and anybody on or near a boat. 

Late tonight, Robby and Scott embark on the highly anticipated turtle trek. I'm sure that the morning and afternoon will be filled with more time at the beach, followed by the pool to try to clean my foot shell.  Have I mentioned how much I hate sand?

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