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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Immunity Envy

Oh my goodness, it is hard to believe that we are already in March. It's crazy to think that Spring is right around the corner. In so many ways, it feels like Christmas was just a few weeks ago. I guess time is melding together because everyday is so similar. Without adventures and a change of scenery to break up the calendar, it is easy to forget about the dates on the calendar. 

Yesterday was spent working and helping Timmy with his schoolwork. In a few short hours we managed to plow through numerous units. He was both motivated to work and the content was relatively easy for him. Getting a little ahead in his work allows me to feel more relaxed about our schedule. 

While we were busy working through lessons, Scott was receiving his final Covid vaccine. Hopefully he doesn't feel any side effects, although I suspect that he will. Last night he complained about feeling queasy and went to relax in bed after dinner. Uncomfortable side effects are still preferable to a full blown Covid infection, so we will consider ourselves very lucky and continue to count our blessings. 

I'm still waiting for my shots. Because I work from home I am not considered a priority. I understand the rationale and I refuse to jump the line, but waiting is becoming frustrating. I see so many people receiving their vaccines and I'm experiencing a strong case of immunity envy! 

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