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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Monday, February 15, 2021


True to the forecast, Saturday we experienced a significant ice storm. Thankfully we did not lose any trees or branches. Our electricity stayed on and we remained both warm and comfortable all day. In the absence of any damage, staying inside was a small accommodation for the slick and dangerous conditions. 

Because we couldn't go outside, Timmy entertained himself playing Xbox and watching cartoons. He is becoming quite a skilled little Xbox gamer. Robby, impressed with his young gaming prodigy, grabbed another controller played for awhile with him. (He seemed more willing to play video games with Timmy now that he knows Timmy has some mastery of the game and controllers.) Timmy was absolutely ecstatic to be playing Xbox with Robby.

On Sunday our temperatures rose and the ice began to melt. Unfortunately for Timmy, the ground was still slick so we stayed inside for the day. Hopefully we will be able to play outside today, although if I had my wish I would stay inside for another day to ensure complete melting. 

Timmy didn't mind staying inside on Sunday because he received "the best gift ever" for Valentine's Day. We gave him a magic kit which is something that has been coveted for several weeks. After squeals with delight and a few (literal) jumps for joy, he dove into the kit and spent the afternoon mastering some tricks. 

Prepare to be amazed by Timmy the Terrific!

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