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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Circle Time

After a several week hiatus, this week we returned to Circle Time. Although the activity complicates my schedule, Timmy seems to enjoy the time with his classmates and teacher. The little boy who used to throw a fit before Circle Time now comes running when the Alexa school bell rings. Whether he has come to like Circle Time or he simply has been Pavlovian trained to respond to the bell, I'm just glad that we no longer have a fight every morning.

This week in Circle Time he is learning all about dinosaurs. Timmy has enjoyed talking about the powerful creatures. He excitedly showed the dinosaur poop that his Nana sent to Robby several years ago. All of his classmates were appropriately impressed. 

Yesterday his teacher read a relatively lengthy non-fiction book about dinosaurs during class. Every student was asked to recall at least three facts to share at the end of the story. Charlie Cat, who constantly Zoom bombs all virtual experiences, jumped in front of the camera as the teacher began to read. I shooed him away, but I could tell that Timmy had lost focus on the story.

After the reading, the teacher began to call on each student to recite their facts. When she called on Timmy, he looked at me with the "oh no, I'm screwed" expression. I refused to prompt him (he needs to learn to do these activities without me), and he finally confessed that he didn't have a fact to share. 

"I don't know. Charlie Cat jumped in front of the computer and I saw his butt hole. Then I started to think that my butt hole is itchy and I couldn't think about anything else." 

Ugh. Welcome back to Circle Time, where I never know what he is going to say or do.


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